“No one can understand the horrors I went through.  Try not to understand me, but try to love me instead.  We are trying to elevate humanity past the barriers of intellectualism, big business, greed, short-sightedness, racism, discrimination. I want people to feel my pain, my  anger, my  frustration, my solitude.  Imagine being in a dark room for nearly 3 years, without hearing a human voice, and being tortured every single day, with no food and no water for days on end.  These are only words, which can never express the true reality.  I lived it.  I want people to feel ME, to taste the deep, profound wounds.  Why?  So they will be inspired to action, to change their way of thinking, to change the world.”

Join us in the retelling of Marie Paquim’s harrowing story of survival and triumph by supporting our feature film “Land of the Free, Except for Me.”